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A Little About Us
and our journey that led us to Entrepreneurship...
(Certified Coaches)
Sebastien & Elisabeth Richard

Thanks for checking out Thriving on Purpose! So where do we start? 
We have been married for 16 years now, and we have three children. 

Ever since we decided to become online entrepreneurs, we’ve had our share of learning curves, fumbles, and failures. 

It all started back in 2012. We were both working for the Canadian Government. I (Sebastien) was full time on the evening shift, and Elisabeth was working part-time on weekends. So, as you can imagine, we basically had no family life to speak of. At the time, our second child had just been born. We quickly realized that this wasn’t what we signed up for when we married and started a family. We were: 

♦ Worn out by the rat race, commuting, and shift work 
♦ Disillusioned by suburban living, married life, and life in general
♦ Exhausted, frustrated, and somewhat bitter. And, to top it off, we were...
♦ Not making it financially. We still had more month at the end of our money. 

That’s when I suggested we make a big shift. I suggested we move to the Maritime provinces. I had looked at the house prices over there, and they were much cheaper than our present mortgage. So, after discussing it at length and praying about it, we both asked for a transfer. Our first choice was Charlottetown, in beautiful Prince Edward Island – the birthplace of the confederation and home of Anne of Green Gables. 

We thought we had finally found paradise. We were wrong.

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. So, out of necessity, we both basically began re-inventing ourselves. In the process, we both decided to become entrepreneurs.

We became certified coaches and leadership trainers with The John Maxwell Team. We felt that God had brought us here, to this point in our lives to help others. We want to help Christian Entrepreneurs with the same struggles we have gone through in Life and Business.

Our journey continues...we invested roughly $30,000+ in certifications, trainings, books, seminars, and online courses in our own personal development in order to be relevant, knowledgeable, and authorities in our niche.

 While that surely helped to get our business off the ground, we still were missing something. Something crucial. We still hadn't mastered the whole "Entrepreneurial Mindset" that can either make you or break you in business.

So, we dug deeper, thought harder, and finally uncovered the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today. And the best part is... we were able to boil it down in one powerful E-Book.
If you've read this so far, you are intentional and serious about growing your business.
Yes I know nobody reads anymore but this short E-Book is worth your time.

Take the time to build a strong foundation so that your Business lasts longer than you do!

7 Critical Principles Every Entrepreneur Must Master

Limit revolving door team members

Attract strong people, leaders, and team members to your Biz
Retain your customer's loyalty for years

Develop a winning mindset, discipline, and attitude
Think, work, and feel like an entrepreneur 

These are principles that you can apply regardless the type of business you are in.

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